We’re the energy partner of the future, not just because of what we provide, but how we do it. We’re open, honest, and communicate clearly.

We aim for partnerships where everyone is equal, and we act as the bridge, bringing everything and everyone together. Making decisions is in our DNA, and we’re not afraid to try new things for the best results. At Generation Green, we’re proactive and keep pushing forward.

We are

We make the green grid stronger than the grey. That has been our mission since 2018. We have already been able to realise many projects to get this mission started. We’ve completed many successful projects, but we’re not done yet – there are still many unused grey roofs that we want to make greener.

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Our strength is creating connections. We understand how important it is to unite the right partners and experts to find individual solutions. Our customers are our top priority and we offer the best match of partners, technologies and experts so that all needs are taken into account.

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