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Empower your business with solar panels to use clean energy, lower energy expenses, and protect yourself from rising energy rates. This not only makes your company more sustainable, but also reduces CO2 consumption and increases your corporate value. We know all local and regional subsidies and tax advantages that can minimise your energy costs and make the purchase of solar panels even more attractive.

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SUSTAINABLE innovations

Many companies would like to use solar panels, but the lack of stability of their roof is a challenge. This is where glassless, lightweight solar panels come in. Weighing around 7kg compared to the conventional 20-25kg per solar panel, lightweight solar panels not only make installation easier, but also reduce CO2 emissions during transport by up to 60%.

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How we keep your solar panels in best condition

An energy system is a big investment. That’s why our service goes beyond installation. To ensure that your system continues to function optimally, Generation Green offers a range of management and maintenance options. Through 24/7 monitoring and preventive and corrective maintenance, we enable you to use sustainable electricity and get the best possible return from your installation for years to come.

Our range of

At Generation Green, we like to take your wishes and needs into account. That’s why we offer various financing options: Self-investment, finance lease, operating lease or leasing your roof or property.

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