Energy storage for more
flexibility and independence 

Storing your generated electricity has lots of advantages. For companies with lower consumption, net metering is a smart solution, while companies with higher energy requirements can protect themselves from limitations of the electricity network and the uncertainties of the energy market.

Battery storage helps to maintain, optimise and grow your business.

De battery propositions 
from Generation Green

Best ways to use your battery systems

Battery systems can be used for many different purposes, such as peak shaving or for trading on the energy market. A battery provides you with the extra power you need to run your business or machinery available all day at a high speed. At the same time, a battery increases the use of your own generated power. A battery offers opportunities for combining revenue models. A perfect win-win situation.

Revenue models

What kind of battery
is right for you?

Edwin is our project manager. He has extensive experience in managing energy assets and is happy to help you. We offer you a non-binding energy analysis to determine the best battery for your needs and the required budget.

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