At Generation Green, we like to think along with you. That is why we offer four different financing options: financial lease, operational lease, self-investment or renting out your roof or land.

Our different 
financing options


If you can and wish to invest yourself, you are the owner and have full control over your sustainable investments. You don’t have to deal with external financing and the associated interest rates and payment obligations. You benefit from lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint and the advantages of new business concepts around the generation, storage and trading of green energy from day one.


With Generation Green you can also lease your solar panels, charging stations, batteries and energy management systems. If you select financial leasing, you own the system from day one without having to bear the investment yourself. You can compare it to a mortgage. You you repay on a monthly basis and at the end of the lease you have paid off the entire system.

With finance leasing, you also benefit immediately from lower energy bills, a lower carbon footprint and the advantages of new business concepts for generating, storing and trading green energy.

As the owner of your sustainable systems, you are responsible for matters such as management, maintenance and insurance.


If you prefer operational lease, you do not own the sustainable installations yourself but pay a monthly amount for usage. Operational leasing does not require a large upfront investment, while you immediately benefit from a lower energy bills and a lower CO2 footprint. Since you do not own the installations, you cannot take advantage of other benefits, such as new business opportunities. The lower energy bills come from agreements with the owner on purchasing energy at a reduced rate.

At the same time, you do not have to worry about management, maintenance, insurance and other services to keep the installations profitable. Such responsibilities are left to the owner of the installations.

With Net Operational Lease, you have the option of becoming the owner of the installations at the end of the lease contract. The corresponding purchase fee is usually agreed prior to the lease contract.

What's in it
for me?

Making a return on investment, a short payback period, a sustainable future and an increased business value. A solar panel installation has many advantages.


Investing in a sustainable energy solution is an investment with a high financial return. Energy bills will be significantly lower, your energy label will improve and your company will have a positive image regarding sustainability.


Make the most of the free space on your roof. After installing your sustainable energy solution, high energy costs are a thing of the past. If you want to contribute to the energy transition on a business level, there are a couple of subsidies available.


Generation Green supports you with financing, applying for subsidies, taking care of the entire installation and providing maintenance and monitoring. A tailor-made solution for every roof or piece of land. Let's do it together. A generation of and for the future.

Renting out your roof?

Do you have no intention of owning the sustainable installations in the future yourself? Then you might want to consider roof rental as the most suitable option for your business. You rent your roof to Generation Green and receive a monthly fee. You also make price agreements with us on the purchase of the generated energy. This way, you can immediately benefit from lower energy bills and a lower CO2 footprint, without owning or becoming the owner of the installations.

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