the new standard

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important. Not only cars, but also commercial vehicles and trucks are taking the sustainable step from fuel to electric engines. The impressive growth in e-mobility requires a fast implementation of a large-scale charging infrastructure. This should not only be available along motorways, but also in business parks, shopping centres and other public facilities. Generation Green offers smart charging solutions in which charging stations are directly connected to your energy management system, solar installation and battery (if available). This gives you flexibility in charging capacity, allowing you to maximize the use of your self-generated green electricity.

The different types of chargers
for any situation

An electric car can be charged via two different electric currents, alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Both processes work differently.

Which charging station
suits your project?

Charging stations come in many shapes, sizes and with different features. At Generation Green, we offer different types from various brands to ensure that we can provide the right charging station for any of your projects. We focus on high quality that can handle intensive usage.


The ongoing electrification is placing higher demands on the energy networks and power connections. Our charging stations can be connected, and the available energy is efficiently distributed to all connected vehicles. If you wish to link charging stations with other energy sources like batteries and solar cells, the Energy Management System will help you with that.


To realise the transition to e-mobility, the government has established several subsidy programs. With us, you can explore the various opportunities.

Contact us to find the right solution for
your charging needs

We offer a wide variety of brands and types of charging stations. Matthijs will be happy to help you choose the best solution so that you can confidently get started with e-mobility.