Maximum efficiency,
now and in the future

After investing in a solar power plant, it is very important to maintain the system properly. Professional management and maintenance of the solar system ensure optimal performance and maximum yield from the sun. Generation Green is your sustainable partner, not just today and tomorrow, but for the whole lifespan of your system.

24/7 insights into the system performance

You will get real-time insights into the performance of the solar system, which is the basis for good management and maintenance. With the help of a powerful software, each system is monitored 24/7 and an online portal provides insights on the system performance at all times. Thanks to precise alarms, technical managers and data analysts can intervene immediately in the event of abnormalities or faults. Generation Green is driven by the principle of working quickly and flexibly.

Reliable all-round service
and holistic solutions

Every situation is different, just like our solutions. We like to think along with you, are proactive and think outside the box. In this way, we always find innovative ways to achieve the best results for both you and the environment.

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Edwin is our project manager. He can tell you all about solar panels and complete energy solutions. He will think along with you about various options to find the perfect energy solution for your company and its maintenance.

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