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VV Rijsoord

The soccer club VV Rijsoord from Ridderkerk has made sustainability a priority. And we knew exactly what needs to be done.

After we had written down the wishes and requirements in detail, we were able to implement the club's sustainable goals with a solar installation. The result is a beautiful project with a highly functional implementation of a large flat roof.


The most important project numbers at a glance

  • Solar panels104 x Jinko Solar 340wp
  • Annual output29.827 kWh
  • LocationRidderkerk
  • CO2 reduction17.897 kg per year
  • Maximum output35.360 Wp

De klant

Sustainability is at the top priority at VV Rijsoord. Why? Because we believe that sport is something that should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, membership fees are becoming more and more expensive, even in our club. One of the reasons is that the club’s energy costs are constantly rising. That is why we have introduced an interesting system of solar panels. When we are not on the pitch, the panels capture the sunlight, and when we are out playing, the panels are used for advertising on the pitch. With our ‘energy sponsors’ on these billboards, we have raised a great amount of money to increase our sustainability efforts even further: with solar panels from SolarOplossing on the roof.

For our solar panels, we were looking for a reliable partner with who we could work together on our sustainable mission. We found this partnership in SolarOplossing. They took all the worries off our shoulders, took care of all the small details and got to work immediately. Within three weeks, we were already benefiting from our own solar roof! The fact that we are satisfied and have full trust in SolarOplossing is proven by the 15-year maintenance contract we have signed and the collective initiative we have launched so that our members can also benefit from their own solar installations. Many thanks to SolarOplossing!

“For our solar panels, we were looking for a reliable partner with whom we could enter into a long-term cooperation. We found this party in SolarOplossing.”

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